Every unit and course has a credit value and a level. The credit value represents how long it will take and the level represents the level of difficulty, from Entry level (basic)  to level 3 (advanced).  

Learners can accumulate credit in small steps by completing single units, which can then build up to a full course.


What is a course?

OCN Courses are nationally recognised full qualifications and they are made up of a number of units. You will need to complete all units to achieve the full qualification. 



Level 2 (intermediate) Digital Marketing Course includes 3 units.

Unit 1: Introduction to Marketing; Unit 2: The Marketing Environment; Unit 3: Developing a Marketing Plan

The course is worth 7 credits which equates to 70 hours of study.  

Learner completes all units and at the end receive a certificate for a full qualification. 


What is a unit? 

An OCN Unit is not a full qualification, just part of it. Using the example above a learner can just study for Unit 1 or Unit 2 or Unit 3. The learner will receive a certificate for the unit, and can add further units at a later stage to achieve a full qualification. Units are smaller, usually worth 3 credits which equates to around 30 hours-study.


How long does it take?

Entry Level Maths 30 hours 3 credits 2-4 weeks 

Entry level English Reading 60 hour 6 credits 4-8 weeks 

ESOL 12 credits and takes 120 hours to complete within 10-12 weeks

Level 1 and 2 units are made up of 1 to 4-credits, and each credit is equivalent roughly to 10 hours of study. You can complete a level 1/ 2 unit within 2 to 6 weeks. 

Level 3 units are made up of 3 or 6-credits, and each credit is equivalent to 5-10 study hours, so a 3-credit Unit would require 15-30 hours study time. Please check details as credit varies depending on your chosen unit. A level 3 takes on average between 2 to 4 weeks to complete. 

Level 1 courses are made up of 9-credits, requiring 90 study hours. Our online platform allows you to manage your study time flexibly to complete the award in a way that suits you. A level 1 course takes on average between 6 to 12 weeks to complete. 

Level 2 courses are made up of 6-7 credits on average, requiring 60-70 study hours. A level 2 award takes on average between 4 to 10 weeks to complete.