The Digital Skills Gap Is Critical

06 Jan 2021 Thomas E. 0 Leadership and Management

The Digital Skills Gap Is Critical

A report published by Reuters on 16th November 2020 found that Britain will face a growing skills shortage over the next decade if it does not start retraining and reskilling workers for the shift to a digital-based economy. The report stated:

Without concerted action by employers, two-thirds of the UK workforce could lack basic digital skills by 2030, while more than 10 million people could be under-skilled in leadership, communication, and decision-making.

The COVID-19 pandemic has split the jobs market, and the speed at which we have moved to online delivery has polarised the skills shortages. Therefore, businesses are required to take urgent action in training their staff in essential digital skills.

London businesses are central to the digital economy. More and more workers are in digital roles and digital skills are vital to productivity across the capital. The Covid-19 pandemic has drastic shifted our daily operations to online deliverables. From remote working to online collaborations and the excess of data and digital communication on multiple channels – our working lives are drastically different to how they were 9-months ago, and blended working is most likely here to stay. However, not all staff are being upskilled to respond to this change.

From February 2021, Dagile – a partnership between London South Bank University, Ravensbourne University London and Brandmovers, will offer free online digital skills and leadership accredited training to employed adults working or living in London. This scheme is open to those on the government’s furlough scheme, known as Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and self-employed, because the pandemic should not prevent staff from missing out on being up-skilled for tomorrow’s jobs market.

Eligible learners for underrepresented groups in the digital economy can benefit from qualifications and certificates in Digital Marketing, Digital and IT Skills, Leadership and Management, Creative Digital or Basic Skills in Maths, English or ESOL.

These have been identified as the skills employers within the digital economy want and need. Learners will benefit from expert tuition from corporate lecturers on training designed to reduce the digital skills gap, improve in-job progression or staffs career prospects. .

This training is free for eligible workers as part of a European Social Fund. The qualifications and certificates are accredited by OCN London and have been aligned with teaching on LSBU’s Apprenticeship courses.

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You can read Reuters full news article here.

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